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Morris dance is an English traditional dance form. It has been performed in folk festivals for many years now. In the most traditional form, the rural English dancers blacken their faces while performing the Morris dance. Today, the dancers often paint their faces in different colours other than black due to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Morris dance can be referred back to as early as the 15th century. Slowly it spread throughout England. The popularity of Morris dance declined in the 19th century, but it revived in the early 20th century. Morris dance is now performed in various folk festivals across England.

The most amazing thing about Morris dance is its colourful costumes. The dancers wear shirts, pants, hats, and all these are adorned with bright colours and ribbons. In some dance styles handkerchiefs are used, and in others, sticks or swords are used. The dancers use various hand and leg movements to create a beautiful performance.

This dance form can be performed solo, as a duet, or in groups. The group performances look amazing, and you will love watching the beautiful synchronisation of the steps of the dancers. They all dance in lovely tunes. The music is often sourced from villages, and it has a traditional touch to it. When different groups of dancers perform at a folk festival, they use different music.

This magazine is about Morris dance. Here you will find lots of articles related to Morris dance. Not many people outside England know about this traditional dance form. So, this magazine will give them a chance to know about this amazing dance form that has been a tradition of England.

Even today, you will see Morris dance being performed in various folk festivals and other events. The procession is the most attractive part of the event where Morris dancers perform in groups. Their colourful costumes are very eye-catching.

We hope this magazine will give you all the information you need to know about Morris dancing. Next time you visit England, you should go to a folk festival to see the performance of the Morris dancers.