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Morris dance is quite known in England. But people from the rest of the world don’t have much idea about it. If you want to know about Morris dance in detail, then you can read books related to it. Here are some books we recommend on Morris dance.

A Handbook of Morris Dances

By – Lionel Bacon

This book is also known as the ‘black book’ of Morris dances. It is one of the bestselling books on Morris dance. If you want to know about Morris dance in detail, then you need to read this book.

The Morris Book

By – Cecil J Sharp

Here you will read descriptions of the dances that were performed by the Morris male dancers of England. You will get an elaborate history of Morris dancers. The book is full of old photographs of Morris dancers performing on various occasions.

History and the Morris Dance

By – John Cutting

If you want to know where the Morris dance originated and how it has evolved, then you should read this book. Here you will get an account of Morris dance from 1137 in Spain and 1448 in England to the middle of the 19th century. You will also learn about the state of present-day Morris dance. There are many pictures in this book of Morris dancers.

Morris Dancing

By – Lucille Kitching

Morris dance is a type of English folk dance accompanied by unique music. The dance is performed based on rhythmic stepping and well-choreographed by a group of dancers. The book is about a band of brothers who accidentally came to know about this traditional dance. They let others know about this dance. They treated the dance like a flash mob or street theatre, rather than something that belonged to the museum.

These books will help you to learn about Morris dance and know how it has evolved. You will know about various aspects of Morris dance from these books.