Morris dance is very traditional in the English culture. In folk festivals and other events, you will see Morris dancers entertaining the guests. The music is beautiful, and you will love the colour of the costumes. Themed parties are very common today and people love wearing themed costumes and look different.

For example, in a casino-themed party men wear black tuxedos and women wear glamorous dresses. They enjoy the time playing online casino games with casino operator Griffon Casino and have a wonderful time. Similarly, you can have a Morris dance-themed party as well.

Whether it’s for such theme parties or to participate in folk festivals, you must get the right costume. There are blue- and pink-coloured armbands. The trousers are white with bell pads. The bell pads have braids and are bright red in colour. The braids are formed by four vertical strips on top and four on the bottom. The pads have 20 small crotal bells each.

There is a waistcoat too with blue lines. They wear top hats having blue and pink ribbons. This was common headgear for the Morris dancers; however, it changed with time. The dancers use two cylindrical wooden sticks which are painted blue at one end and red at the other end. There is a little unpainted strip in the middle. Some dancers carry embroidered handkerchiefs.

The colours of the dresses can vary and when the Morris dancers perform in a team, they choose different colours to make them stand out. You can buy these costumes online now or in any costume store.

The costume is one of the best attractions of Morris dance. The dancers look beautiful in the bright coloured costumes. They easily uplift the mood of the occasion.