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Morris dancing is a part of the English folk festival. People love watching the performances of these dancers. The dance form has gone through a lot of changes and challenges over the years. There was a time when its popularity declined and then revived.

People who don’t know about Morris dance would like to know its origin, history, styles, music, and other things. We are looking for writers who will be able to provide this information to our readers. Also, we want the readers to know about the present-day Morris dance and how it is performed in folk festivals.

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We want the readers to know about the folk festivals that focus on Morris dance. If you think you know enough about Morris dance and can share your knowledge with our readers, then you can write for us. If you have been to any folk festival where Morris dance was performed, then you can share your experience with our readers.

We want your articles to encourage our readers to go to folk festivals to see Morris dance and also to learn Morris dance. We want this English traditional dance to spread to more places. To write for our magazine, you need to follow some guidelines as specified by our team. You should write a good heading for the article.

The paragraphs must be short, and the article must be written in a conversational tone. Your articles shouldn’t have any plagiarism issues. As Morris dance is about colours, we want it to reflect on our articles and so we ask the writers to give colourful pictures along with the articles so that the readers can feel the excitement of the Morris dance performance.

If you are interested, please send us your CV and tell us from which sources you have learned about Morris dance. For further information regarding this position, please contact us.